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Rimonabant is intended for people that need to lose excessive weight. It is most often used in case the patient is obese and will probably be unable to lose weight without additional help. Rimonabant is not going to burn the fat you accumulated if you simply take it - the effects of this medicine are based on switching off the brain circuits responsible for the feeling or hunger and nicotine cravings. Therefore, rimonabant can be used if you need to reduce your food cravings, as you can't help eating the usual amount of food. By combining your dose of rimonabant with a healthier diet and regular exercise, you are likely to get the most out of your treatment. Take rimonabant regularly to get all the benefits of the treatment possible, and make sure you do not skip the doses or miss them by accident. Missing doses too often may result in lower efficiency of rimonabant, and you may not get rid of your food cravings, eating more food than needed. Make sure you talk to your health care provider about any medical conditions you have that may affect the success of your treatment - such as liver problems, impaired kidney function and a history of epilepsy. You may need a dose adjustment to make sure you benefit from the treatment and do not develop any harmful health effects.

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